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We completely believe that we hold the power to heal ourselves locked within us. When faced with any disease or medical condition, it is our Doctors who assess and diagnose us to determine how to unlock this healing ability. With advances and discoveries made in the field of medical sciences every day, there are various evolving methods to treat patients besides medicines and surgeries.

Doctors at V-Care are specialized and excelled in the field of Podiatry (Ankle & foot speciality), Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy.

  • Podiatry: is the field dedicated for problems related to feet & ankle e.g. Flat feet, Plantarfascitis etc (Link) Our physiotherapist are certified by LBG Medical UK for practicing in podiatry.
  • Physiotherapy: Physiotherapy is a hands on approach to the patients with pain, injury, disability or activity limitations, using techniques such as manual therapy, stretching, strengthening, pain relieving modalities and so on.
  • Occupational Therapy: The primary goal of occupational therapy is to enable people to participate in the activities of daily routine.( Activity of Daily living) irrespective of their functional limitations due to physical, neurological &/ psychological disorder.

Started in 2013 V-Care has become very well known for their holistic approach & authenticity. Doctors have always strived for excellence and well being of patients, prioritizing patient's needs and concerns and always ready to approach with utmost sincerity and dedication.

Meet Your Consultant

Dr. Sarika Jambhulkar
Podiatry Practitioner (LBG Medical UK),
Specialized in Ankle Foot Problems
Member of Indian Podiatry Asso.
M.P.Th. Ortho.

Dr Sarika Jambhulkar is founder member of V-Care. She is eminent physiotherapist, effectively practicing comprehensive podiatry with vast knowledge about foot, ankle & lower limb biomechanics.

She has gained in dept knowledge about foot, ankle and lower limb biomechanics from LBG medical UK. Its relatively new science in India, hence she has striven to spread this knowledge to the medical and non-medical population by conducting seminars on the same.

She is certified by LBG Medical, UK to conducts workshops in India.

Dr. Vilas M. Jambhulkar
Podiatry Practitioner (LBG Medical UK),
Specialized in Ankle Foot Problems
Member of Indian Podiatry Asso.
M.O.Th. Neurosciences

Dr. Vilas M. Jambhulkar (OTst) is one of the founder members of V-care. He has done his Master in Occupational Therapy with a specialty in Neurosciences from B.Y.L Nair Hospital & College, Mumbai. Dr. Vilas has worked in various school setups & private clinics where he has treated many kids with developmental & behavioural problems.

He is also certified Podiatry Practitioner (LBG Medical UK). He is specialized in lower limb Biomechanics & orthotic correction. Practicing in this field since past 8 years.

Occupational therapy practitioners ask, "What matters to you?" not, "What's the matter with you?"

This is an exact description of his approach. With his sharp observation skills, he can identify the exact potential of the individual, no matter whether it is a small kid or adult or geriatric patient. His keen observation skills make him understand that. Mostly in Neurological cases, people lose hope after a certain duration. He believes that the human brain is the most extraordinary thing & has enormous power. That’s why he loves to take challenging cases & he literally takes it to the different level itself.

He has done a study of Vestibular rehabilitation programme in patients suffering from Vertigo. This program has helped many vertigo patients not only just to get rid of the medicines but also got back their confidence. In his free time, he loves to do painting, photography & some graphic designing also.