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Foot and ankle clinic in Mumbai

V-Care clinic is specialized in foot and ankle. At least 80 % of the general population has a foot problem. But unfortunately, they don’t know with whom they should consult to find out a solution for such a problem.

Often foot problems are ignored among people unless it starts to cause trouble in their daily activities. The type of foot (arch) also plays a very important role in the activities of daily living like walking running etc. If you have had any injury or problem associated with foot and ankle, such as arch pain, heel pain, ingrowing nail, ligament injuries, bunion and so on, you have come to the right place to visit the doctors at V care Clinic. The doctors in V care clinic are specialized in the field of podiatry (ankle and foot problems). The doctors at V care clinic can help you with correct diagnosis and treatment of the foot which includes correction of the footwear. The corrective footwear includes prefabricated insoles and shoes depending on the type and problem of your foot. Regardless of prescribing corrective shoes, V care clinic also specializes in physiotherapy of ankle and foot problems.

After starting with insoles patient is called for follow up after 2-3 weeks when doctors analyze how much improvement & accordingly add further correction in insoles. Advised for physiotherapy sessions wherever possible. The result of Podiatry is a lot depends on the quality of insoles & shoes. Hence at V-Care, we prescribe excellent quality of insoles, orthotic footwear’s & shoes. All of them are clinically proven beneficial in cases of flat feet, Plantar fascitis etc.

Few of brands are Bio-advanced orthotics, Strive footwear & drew shoes

This excellent combination of Podiatry & Physiotherapy makes V-Care one of the best ankle & foot speciality clinic in Mumbai.