• Physiotherapy

Dr Sarika Jambhulkar is known as Foot specialist doctor in Mumbai. She believes that healthy feet are the key to an active lifestyle. She also reveals that, people from various age group suffering from tremendous pain. Many of them don't even realize that it’s all coming from their faulty foot alignment and continuous use of wrong footwear.

She is eminent physiotherapist, effectively practising comprehensive podiatry with massive knowledge about the foot, ankle and lower limb biomechanics.

She has gained in-depth knowledge about foot, ankle and lower limb biomechanics from LBG medical UK. She always has striven to spread this knowledge to the medical and non-medical population by conducting seminars on the same. Her thorough knowledge and understanding of foot conditions are always reflected in detailed explanation while treating the patients.

She holds 10 years of experience, almost consulted over 5000 patients successfully. Her patient's inflow breaks through the Indian boundaries to all over the globe. It includes Bollywood celebrities too.

Dr. Sarika has helped many of her patients to get rid of medicines & even surgeries where ever possible.

She can help with the following problems with her integrated skill of podiatric strategies & physiotherapy.

  • Heel pain ( plantar fasciitis/ spur)
  • Back, Knee & Ankle pain
  • Tired aching legs
  • Flat feet
  • Recurrent or non-healing corns
  • Painful forefoot (Metatarsalgia)
  • In-growing toenail

And many more…

If you are suffering any of the above issues medicines will of temporary benefit. Dr Sarika evaluates patients to find out root cause which can be faulty foot alignment. Once the root cause is done it can be rectified by corrective insoles & footwears. At V-Care Clinic Dr Sarika prescribes bio advanced insoles, Strive footwear’s from Uk & DRW shoes the USA. These products are popular worldwide & have been the choice of treatment for many foot specialist doctors.