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Insoles for flat Feet:

As feet are base of our body it influences entire posture.

Due to flat feet ankle rolls inwards (Overpronation) which leads to knocking knees & increased lumbar lordosis. Once you understand the effect of flat feet on posture it is very important to know that before prescribing insoles for flat feet Podiatrist needs to evaluate entire posture & gait (walking pattern. Many times people purchase off the shelf insoles & most of the time it doesn’t work. At a time people get there foot scanning done (which shows only pressure points) & custom insoles done. But any insole which is made considering only foot and ankle will not give a 100 per cent result.

At V-Care our Podiatry practitioners do thorough lower limb biomechanical assessment. After understanding the patient’s complaints & lifestyle our Podiatrist doctor will prescribe corrective insoles for flat feet. Our doctors also guide about appropriate shoes. In the case of Female patient, our podiatrist can also prescribe ready to wear orthotic footwear.

At V-Care we prescribe Bio advanced prefabricated insoles from LBG medical UK. These insoles come in three different densities & various sizes. The advantage of bio advanced insoles is they can be customized on the spot so the patient doesn’t have to wait. The insoles carry three-dimensional correction which gives excellent result.

When anyone starts with insoles for flat feet it takes some time to get used to the insoles. As insoles will correct your walking pattern your body will need some time to adjust with it. So as a precautionary you need to use insole for 15-20 minutes every 3-4 hours & gradually increase the duration. That’s the reason a patient is called for follow up after two weeks so we can add any further correction if required.