• Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy centre in Andheri

A physiotherapy is a hands-on approach to the patients with pain, injury, disability or activity limitations, using techniques such as manual therapy, stretching, strengthening, pain-relieving modalities and so on.

The main goal of a physiotherapist is to ensure that the patient becomes self-dependent and pain-free that includes maintaining, restoring and promoting physical function and mobility.

Your physiotherapist will help you identify your problem and accordingly plan and execute the sessions to restore the normal functioning of the systems.

Some patients are advised physical therapy by their doctors while some visit a therapist directly.

Why physiotherapy?

  • pain management with reducing intake of NSAIDs
  • Restore normal range of motion in joints
  • Restore and improve the muscle strength
  • Stretching of the tight muscles
  • Obesity management
  • Fall prevention and balance training among the elderly population
  • Rehabilitation of the patients with muscle weakness as in the case of paralysis of the muscle during stroke or Road traffic accidents
    • When should you seek a physiotherapist?

      • Musculoskeletal problems ( neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, knee and ankle pain)
      • Neurological conditions (stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s disease)
      • Obstetric conditions ( prenatal and postnatal, urinary incontinence, pelvic floor dysfunction)
      • Sports injuries ( ACL/ MCL injuries, rotator cuff tears, ankle sprains, fractures, tennis elbow)
        • If you have been through any of the problems listed above, without any hesitation, feel free to contact the doctors at V-Care physiotherapy clinic in Andheri. The doctors at v care clinic are specialized in the field of musculoskeletal, neurological and ankle foot problems. The calm and composing attitude of the physiotherapist towards the patient will not only alleviate your problem but also guarantee you that you won’t go disheartened.

          What does a physiotherapist do?

          • Your physiotherapist will take a detailed assessment of your problem which includes observation, examinations and evaluation of your condition
          • Preparing short term and long terms goals.
          • Planning and execution of treatments in the following sessions.