• Podiatry (Ankle Foot Speciality)

The word Podiatry must definitely be having you raise your eyebrows and wonder what it implies. But before we get into the details of Podiatry, let’s answer the question that why is there a need to gain knowledge about foot or problems related to it??? As we commonly know that while constructing any structure it is essential for the basement to be strong and sturdy. Taking this fact into consideration we infer that when it comes to the Human body, Foot is that important base which is needed to perform the human functions of mobility and stability. There are 26 bones, 33 Joints, 107 Ligament & 19 Muscles which are intricately connected to each other to complete the anatomy of foot. Hence if the alignment of the base i.e. the foot is affected it will have repercussion that will affect our postural alignment. But unfortunately, most often, this amazing structure is neglected & not given the care & attention it needs.

Standing and walking are integral part of our daily routine. However people do not give heed to foot problems until it hampers their standing or walking routine severely. This is the fundamental reason foot problems are not easily treated and hence are ignored. However ignorance is not always bliss. Since our feet & the ability to move is what demarcates the difference between INDEPENDENCE & DEPENDENCE.

Podiatrist is a doctor who specializes in treating conditions related to foot, ankle and lower limb. Consequently the medical science of diagnosis & treatment of foot, ankle and lower limb related problems is called Podiatry. Although still an alien term, Podiatry has been in practice since early 1900’s in America, Australia and Europe.

When you should seek help of Podiatry practitioner?


The human musculoskeletal system can be considered facsimile to a chain link. If the position of any one end is changed or if any one link is broken then it will damage the entire chain link. Thus altered foot alignment can result in knee pain & back pain. Therefore there is an inter connectivity between the foot, knee and spine.


Diabetes is a multi system metabolic disorder which even has its implications on the normal functioning of foot. However the treatment of foot complications related to diabetes is an entirely different domain (elaborated in previous article)

It causes two major problems in feet

  • Poor blood flow (PVD)
  • Damaged nerves (Diabetic Neuropathy)


Before starting the treatment it is essential to identify the root cause which can only be known after a thorough assessment. This assessment involves the following

  • Understanding the patient’s complaints & lifestyle.
  • Visual inspection of FEET- Skin Condition, Colour, Corn/Callus/Ulcer
  • Evaluation of posture which includes screening of any deviation/ abnormality from tip of the toe to spine.( Posture)
  • Walking Pattern (Clinical Gait Analysis)
  • Foot sensation.(in case of diabetes)
  • Measure foot size- Length & width.
  • Inspection of the patient’s footwear.(which gives a clue of wear out pattern)


At V-Care Clinic our team of physiotherapists are trained in Podiatry & follow above assesment protocol. Assesment helps to dignose root cause of the problem. We provide solution in the form of Bio-advanced pre-Fabricated orthiotics/Insoles from LBG Medical UK. We customize theses insole step by step as per concluded assesment & patients comfort. These insoles are designed by Podiatrist from LBG medical UK & we are associated with them & follows their guidelines.Considering most of the females dint prfere to wer shoes all the time we also prescribe open orthtic footwear Strive again from UK.

We also advise appropriate shoes (supportive shoes) as per patients foot alignment & walking pattern. Few patients who has odd foot size as in very broad feet (wide/Extrawide width) in such a cases we  prescribe DREW SHOES from USA. These are recommended shoes for diabetic & patitents with arthritis. 

We also advise tailormade exercises pertaining to same as being physiotherapist.

The solution is so simple-So let’s take an oath to no longer ignore our foot health and move without pain. For any further information /Appointment feel free to contact us.