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Shoes for diabetic in Mumbai

Incidence of diabetes is increasing rapidly in India. 60%-70% of those with diabetes develop peripheral Neuropathy nerves. With damaged nerves, you might not feel pain, cold, or heat in your legs and feet. Second problem is poor blood flow to feet also called as peripheral vascular disease. Foot ulcerations are the most common cause of hospital admissions for Diabetics. Ulceration can lead to amputation which drastically hampers the mobility of patients.

shoes for diabetic in mumbai

All these serious complications can be avoided with appropriate shoes for diabetes. This is the reason people with diabetes need to wear shoes which are designed for diabetic feet called shoes for the diabetic. Ideally, every diabetic patient needs to evaluate their feet through podiatry practitioner and get prescribed shoes from them.

Shoe specifications for diabetes:

  • Diabetic shoes are designed to keep feet safe & secure environment. To prevent any injury from inside or outside. Shoe inner lining has to be with proper cushion & without any stitch so there will be no harm to patent’s skin.
  • Shoe should have a good grip at ankle.
  • Extra depth & appropriate width.
  • They are specially designed shoes, or shoe inserts, intended to reduce the risk of skin breakdown in diabetics with pre-existing foot diseases.
  • Shoe should have thick sole so during outdoor walk any stone or nail will pass through the sole to injury patient’s feet.

At V-Care clinic our experts in podiatry evaluate diabetic patients & decide the risk level for foot ulceration. Based on thorough evaluation we prescribe Drew shoes & custom insoles. Most of the other shoes for a diabetic are very bulky & not very good looking hence patient doesn’t opt for it. But Drew shoes are myth breaking. They are stylish medical shoes for diabetes, usually prescribed by all the podiatrist worldwide.


  • Expensive to treat, may lead to amputation and need for chronic institutionalized cares.
  • Podiatry care not only reduces amputation risk, but also dramatically impacts rate of hospitalization and re-ulceration.
  • Instituting the structured diabetic foot program can yield a 75% reduction in amputation rates and a near four-fold reduction in inpatient mortality.
  • Investing in appropriate shoes for diabetes can be a best step towards preventing above complications.

shoes with custom insole



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