• Testimonial

I was suffering from heel pain since a year. Finally my struggle is over & my pain is relieved after coming to V-Care. Excellent doctors with methodological approach. Highly recommended place for foot pain.

I visited V-Care with all problems such like aching leg, calcaneal spur, knee pain, back pain and calf pain. Because of pain I was not able to do my daily routine. All this was happening because of flat feet. At V-Care doctors did my thorough assessment & provided correction for my flat feet. Within 15 days my pain has reduced tremendously. Many of my symptoms have just disappeared. Now I can surely do my routine and exercise. Thanks V-Care. Great work!!!

My son has flat feet & he use to limp a little while walking. If we made him run for a while he would get fatigued & complain of pain in feet. He also shied away from playing with friends of his age group as he could not cope up with their running. We went lot of doctors & therapist but nobody could assess his problem. Finally we meet Dr Sarika Jambhulkar & she told us that my son has flat feet & also one of the legs is shorter. This enabled us to start therapy with her. She advised him about appropriate shoes & corrections for his flat feet. I would suggest all the parents not to ignore the feet of child, because they become base of the development of the legs, spine & the personality of the child. As a parent and a patient; I would suggest all the Parents to get done the feet assessment of their children by Dr Sarika Jambhulkar. I rate her service as 10/10.

I approached V-care on 15th April 14 & underwent remedies recommended & specified by them including Ortho slippers & insoles for heel pain.I must admit improvement was visible in two weeks. In 1½ month my pain is reduced 95%. I am confident that in next few more days, heel pain would be thing of past.Thanks for your guidance..!!

Hi, I am Aaron’s mom. Aaron had problem with hand motor functions. He was very bad in writing. Then we came to know about Occupational therapy. After coming here Aaron improved a lot in writing, now his writing is very fast & he enjoys it. This year Aaron got a scholar’s trophy for his all round performance in school. All thanks to Dr. Vilas because of his efforts Aaron has improved a lot.

I had pain on my ankle & hand for years. After I visited here pain is under control. Dr Sarika’s plesant disposition really helps to restore the faith that invisible injuries can be cured after all. All the best.

I had come to V-Care all the way from Gujrat (Vapi) with the problem of heel spur. I had severe pain in my left ankle and heel along with swelling. Within a month almost all my complaints are resolved. I am glad I came to V-Care clinic. They advised me for right shoes & insoles which have solved my problem. I wonder that I have been suffering from these problems since so many years, now all of it has vanished within a month with footwear corrections. I am fully satisfied with the way they handled my case which was 4 to 5 years old.

My heel problems started 3 months back, the X Ray showed heel spurs. I approached two doctors but the pain was not going. Then I approached V-Care clinic where after proper examination they advised me to use proper shoes and insoles. My pain reduced in 15 days by more than 70%. I feel much better now & the pain has reduced.

Hi I am Dev’ s Mother. Dev was a hyperactive child. His ahndwriting was good but very slow and making him study was a very big challenge for me. I know Dr Vilas from 3 months and Dev is under therapy with him since. After taking OT session in V-Care his hyperactivity is under control. His writing speed has improved. Now he sits to study on his own & does quality study in the time he spends studying. He was a average boy in class and now he is counted in first three top students. Almost every week he gets stars for his good writing and reading. Thanks to him I saw lots of good changes in Dev. Thanks a lot and all the best. Mrs. Krupa Mehta.

I came to V-care about year back in lot of pain and frustration ailing with three corns on my left sole. I had consulted with three doctors, endless trial & errors done. One doctor even advised for surgery. One day magically I came across V-Care on Google. After few hours of research on Podiatry, I decided very apprehensively to visit.The first visit was what changed everything!!The analysis & prescription of my problem by Dr Sarika & Dr Vilas was amazing, I am sure Sherlock Holmes would be surprised. The warmth & the dedication is second to none. The meticulous explanation of problem & its cure is commendable.I wish the V-Care team all the best & hope their quest of relieving people from pain goes on forever.I cannot express my gratitude in words to Dr Sarika & Dr Vilas.

I had come to V-Care clinic for my 4yrs old son for Occupational and Speech therapy and I feel very lucky. Thank you for all your support and guidelines. But what has touched me the most is the love & concern they have shown for my son. Tremendous changes within 40 Days. It was challenging but V-care made it easy & simple. V-Care is amazing. Love you guys & all the best. God bless you always.

I visited V Care as i was suffering from severe heel pain. I had tried many remedies but nothing was working. Doctor told me it is Plantarfascitis and there is no cure for this. I had lost my hope. But after consulting with Dr Sarika I understood the root reason is my arch pattern. Dr Sarika is very polite, patient & has thorough knowledge. Corrective insoles & home footwear that she has prescribed has changed my life. It has been just two months & I am already pain free. I would strongly recommend her for any patient with foot problem.

Excellent manners. Explained to me my problems in detail answered all my queries to my greatest satisfaction & gave good solution and advice. She was very patient, always smiling, very approachable, took all my concerns regarding type of footwear into consideration and then gave her expert suggestions with reasons. She also has good language skills and exuded confidence in me. I would strongly recommend her to patients with foot problem.

A detailed, thorough observation of the problem done. Thoughtfully made the required addition to the insole. Devotes a lot of time to fully gauge the problem. Keep up the good work.

I came to V-Care with a lot of pain in my feet. I am a interior designer and need to stand a lot on my feet. Dr Sarika did my assessment and told me that this is because of my flat feet. She prescribed insoles & told me to wear sport shoes when I have to stand more. Now I am pain free & can stand for long hours. I must say her knowledge is very thorough. She is very humble and understands the exact problem. Thank you.

I was suffering from Vertigo since so many days & was on medications for the same. I used to get giddiness while moving my neck. Standing & walking was very difficult for me. I was not even able to pick up things from the ground. I used to get approximately 8 t0 10 severe attack of vertigo every day. Because of all this I was scared of going outside as I had fear of losing balance. I was taking 6 tablets every day for the same. Now dizziness is almost gone. I got my confidence back. Now I am taking only ½ a tablet. I am able to catch bus & train. I started travelling like I used to before this problem. All this happened because of exercises given by Dr Vilas at V-Care clinic. They helped me a lot to come up from my problem. Thanks to Vilas sir & V-Care. Thank you. God bless them.